Running In Instructions

Rules for Proper Engine Break-In


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The following instructions MUST be followed during the engine’s first 600 miles.

• Do NOT operate the motor at more than three quarter throttle, except for occasional, very short bursts (three seconds, max).

• Do NOT operate the motor under high load, especially up hills.

• Do NOT carry a passenger until you are at least halfway through the break -in period.

• Do NOT ride on the freeway at all during the break-in period.


• Do NOT downshift for engine-braking except in the case of an emergency. On a two-stroke engine, one should avoid “downshifting” as a means of slowing the vehicle. With “engine-braking,” the motor is turning at very high revs, but with little or no lubrication. This rule should be followed throughout the life of the engine, not only for the break-in period.


• Do NOT coast down hills in gear with the throttle closed or the engine will receive little or no lubrication. When descending hills, pull in the clutch and give occasional blips of throttle.


• Do NOT lug the engine. Running the bike slowly in too high a gear can cause overheating, plug fouling and other undesirable conditions.


• Do NOT hold the motor too long in any particular rev-range. Keep the RPM as varied as possible by changing speed as often as is safe and by coasting with the clutch in and letting the motor return to idle as often as possible.

Heat-cycling the engine is also good practice. This is best done by starting the engine and riding or even letting it idle for four or five minutes and then shutting it off and leaving to cool down for 10 to 15 minutes and then repeating the process. This helps the various types of metals to expand and contract evenly and wear-in together.

WARNING: The vehicle operator MUST operate the newly rebuilt engine according to the following instructions. Failure to do so will result in major engine damage and can cause crashes leading to serious injury or worse.

Running-in should be undertaken with the normal fuel/oil ratio recommended for your model of engine, no more and no less. Too much oil can cause as much damage from overheating as too little oil and also causes poor performance.

For the greatest engine life, the new or rebuilt motor should be serviced after the first 150 miles. This service includes the ever-important first gearbox oil change, cylinder head re-torque and other miscellaneous adjustments. This service will be performed at no additional cost to the customer. If, however, the customer fails to bring the bike in for this service before the first 250 miles, Bar Italia Classics reserves the right to cancel any existing warranty on labor or parts.

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