Complete Mechanical Overhauls:

Whole-Bike Service: where we start and why

At the risk of sounding harsh, lets just come out and say it; most vintage scooters are in absolutely terrible condition, even though some might not look it.

Most vintage scooters either suffer from years or possibly decades of non-use. Or they have endured “maintenance” at the hands of possibly well-meaning, but definitely inexperienced amateur “mechanics,” often without access to correct tools, parts or information. Or they have suffered misguided past-attempts at restoration. Quite often, a lot of vintage scooters have seen a little of all of the above.

So to put it in perspective, if there is a bike that we have not seen in this shop before, or if it “ran when parked” but has been sitting in someone’s side yard for 12 years, then it does not need a “tune-up.” My personal scooter that I ride everyday needs a tune-up. A bike in the situation described above needs a complete mechanical overhaul.

In the interests of safety, the long-term reliability of your scooter and the protection of our reputation, we have had to adopt an “all or nothing” attitude toward accepting scooters for service. We refuse to just band-aid your scooter in order to save you a few dollars and then just wait for the next thing to go wrong. We want happy customers. We want good, safe bikes on the road and we want to build lasting relationships with customers, wherein subsequent services are actually just that; services, maintenance and tune-ups.

What’s included - Generally?

Basically, with this service you get just about everything that we do on a full restoration, minus the actual paintwork, chrome/plating, miscellaneous cosmetic work or the replacement of parts for strictly cosmetic purposes.

What’s included - The Details?

Please click here for detailed rundown of what is included

What does it cost?

Of course it can vary widely on a case by case basis, but a rough guideline is to budget about $1500-$2000 on top of the cost of the engine rebuild listed for your model on this page here.


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