What do our restorations cost?

Restoration Services

Below we have outlined the various processes involved in a complete restoration and their associated costs

Paint and bodywork labor: $2,000-$2,500*

This is the general range assuming the bodywork process does not require heavy rust repair, major welding/fabrication, etc.

Paint and body supply costs: $250-$350*

This includes the cost of the actual paint and other consumables used in the prep/body/paint process and also covers contracted labor costs such as sandblasting, etc.

Disassembly / Assembly labor: $2,500

This includes all of the actual restoration build labor. In addition to the big things, this can also include but is not limited to complete rewiring, cabling, fork/suspension rebuild, polishing of all aluminum, cast and stainless bright-work, etc. This does not include engine labor, which is listed separately below.

Parts Budget: $2000 average.

This is the average parts cost on a restoration, even if the bike comes in "complete" and running. With many items, it just does not make sense to reuse old parts on top of new paint, and with some items re-use is not possible. Examples of items usually replaced include badges, rubber parts -- including grommets, trim, etc -- light bulbs, wiring, lighting lenses, bezels, or full assemblies, brake shoes, tires, tubes and sometimes wheel rims, etc. Also lumped in with this cost are other subcontracted labor costs involving the parts, such as chrome plating, speedometer rebuilding, etc.

Engine Mechanical Rebuild: Starts at $625** for labor, $100+ for parts.

A basic rebuild includes replacement of all seals, gaskets, gear selector cross and clutch plates as well as a thorough inspection of all other components.

For non-concourse and “rider” restorations, some customers may choose to skip this step. This is usually omitted only when the work has already been done fairly recently. We do highly recommend this step.

Engine Cosmetic Restoration: Add $100-$500

For concourse bikes, while we have the engine apart, we will also acid etch and shell blast engine cases, refinish, paint/plate shrouds and covers, etc. where appropriate.

*If required, major bodywork including welding, grinding, structural work and frame straightening, etc. will incur additional labor and supply costs to be judged and estimated on a case by case basis.  Additional paint colors, designs and airbrushing, etc. will also incur additional supply and labor costs.

** $625 is the starting labor cost for the basic rebuild of most largeframe and P-Series motors. Engine rebuild labor rates for other poular scooter models can be viewed here.


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